Finca la Kasika


We are currently installing solar panels in the new foundation accommodation: Biodiversity Development (Finca La Kasika) that will house volunteers and visitors. The foundation aims to conserve biodiversity, wants to encourage reforestation while seeking to stimulate local socioeconomic development, and benefit the local population.

The accommodation will be 100% self-sufficient in electricity. So as not to depend on an unstable electrical network that fails regularly in bad weather. This facility will also serve as an example to the community so that they can experience the benefits of solar energy. Sunny Future will install a total of 3 330 watt panels along with a 3000W inverter and 2 250AH batteries to support at night.

These will produce an average of 6.6 KWH of clean energy per day, representing a savings of 2,409KWH equivalent to an annual saving of $ 1,324,074. Which means a return on investment within 5 years. The lifespan of traditional solar panels is 25 years. We continue to generate significant progress and savings for our customers.


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